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2014 UXL Award Nomination Form || Applications Accepted All Year


The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce proudly introduced a new annual program in 2009 to honor and celebrate the exceptional businesses and individuals of the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce that have made a difference in our community. Nominations are open to everyone. You may nominate yourself or another who you think is deserving of consideration. Categories include: Business of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Educator of the Year, Innovator of the Year, and Small Business Person of the Year.

Congratulations 2014 UXL Award Recipients

Business Person of the Year
Claudia Wentworth, Quick Mount PV 

Citizen of the Year
Dan Ashley, ABC7 News

On April 10, 2014 Dan Ashley of ABC7 TV and Claudia Wentworth of Quick Mount PV were acknowledged at the Chamber Installation Awards Luncheon.

Dan Ashley, Citizen of the Year.

Dan Ashley, ABC7 News Anchor was awarded this honor for his significant contribution to the Walnut Creek Community through volunteer service, civic and/or Chamber involvement. Dan has received several journalism awards, including many Emmy Awards during his career. Dan embodies leadership, integrity, and a history of commitment to “giving back”. Dan generously donates his time and talent to numerous philanthropic organizations such as; Dan Ashley Friends of Camp Concord Golf Tournament, the Bay Area Red Cross, The Common Wealth Club of California, the Bay Area Leadership Foundation, First Tee of Contra Costa, California Symphony, Contra Costa Crisis Center and the Darius Jones Foundation. Dan is a resident of Walnut Creek.

Claudia Wentworth, Business Person of the Year.

Claudia Wentworth is a longtime resident of Walnut Creek, Co-founder and CEO of Quick Mount PV, based in the Shadelands Business Park. Founded in 2006, Quick Mount PV is a green business and the industry leader in solar roof attachment systems. Working closely with the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa in its hiring practices, Quick Mount PV currently employs 90 people. Claudia has served in the community as past PTA President at Murwood School where she also taught science and technology for seven years. Claudia has received numerous industry awards and her company has sponsored the East Bay Women’s Conference in 2013 and 2014, and currently donates one of its Shadelands facilities to the local police force for SWAT & K-9 training programs. Claudia and Quick Mount PV embody the entrepreneurial spirit and have made great contributions to our community.

For information regarding the 2015 UXL Awards you may contact the Chamber at 925-934-2007.


Congratulations 2013 UXL Award Recipients
One Local Citizen and Business, Each Recognized for Excellence
This year's honorees, recognized on Wednesday, April 10, 2013, are Citizen of the Year Primo Facchini
 and Business Person of the Year Ingrid James.

The Citizen of the Year Award recognizes theividual who has significantly contributed to the Walnut Creek community throh volunteer service, civic or Chamber involvement.  Displaying leadership and integrity, this individual will have demonstrated a history of commitment to “giving back”. 
This year’s recipient is Primo E. Facchini.  He was born in Oakland, California and attended St Joseph's High School in Alameda, then went on to Armstrong College in Berkeley and then to Golden Gate College in San Francisco.
Always, Primo is extremely involved with his community.  In fact for over 40 years, Primo has attended most City Council, Planning Commission and Design Review Committee meetings.   You’ve most certainly seen him there.
Formally, he has served in a variety of volunteer capacities in many organizations including: 35 years with the Walnut Creek Historical Society, serving 11 of those years as President.  He continues today as Chairman of the Board, Walnut Creek Sister Cities  As a founding member, Primo started in 1987, serving as President and Vice President, State Bar Discipline and Fee Arbitration Department - 35 years, Alamo-Lafayette Cemetery District - 36 years, 25 years as Chairman of the District, Life-time member of the Rhododendron Society, and Member of the Northern California Camillia Society.
In January of 2004, Senator Tom Torlakson selected Primo as one of twenty citizens charged with updating the California Health and Safety Code of the Public Cemeteries section.   It was an effort that highlighted Primo as a tireless and exacting worker and caring proponent!
 In 2010, Primo was honored with the Cemeterian of the Year Award . This is a prestigious honor presented by the California Association of Public Cemeteries, which  is the organization that represents California’s 257 Public Cemeteries, three of which are in Contra Costa County. During his tenure with the Alamo/Lafayette Cemetery District, Primo was very instrumental in improving, developing and beautifying the Cemeteries of our District.  Because of his efforts, much needed niches in both the Alamo and Lafayette Cemeteries were installed and significant improvements made.  

The Business or Business Person of the Year is awarded to a Chamber business or business person with a major and stable presence in the community and who demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit and skill.  The recipient exemplifies excellent corporate citizenship by contributing time and effort to its community and embraces a corporate culture that enhances the lives of its employees.

 This year’s recipient is 20-year Chamber member Ingrid B. James. Ingrid is president and CEO of James Consolidated, Incorporated, a Walnut Creek-based company.  
Ingrid was born in Heidelberg, Germany.  And, from an early age, she dreamed of 'Going to America' to become a doctor.  Unfortunately, WWII altered those dreams.  After high school, instead of studying medicine, she worked her way up in a wholesale textile company where she eventually achieved executive status.  Ingrid learned of Berea College in Kentucky, where she could work her way to a Bachelor's degree. She was soon admitted to the Nursing program, and it was here that she met and married young Australian Brian James.   After graduation, they moved to California where Ingrid became a Public Health Visiting Nurse in Alameda County.  
In her work, Ingrid encountered a large number of patients suffering from pressure sores, most commonly referred to as bed sores.  Bed sores can lead to death if not treated properly.  To traditionally treat these bedsores, the patient must be turned every two hours twenty four hours a day every day.  Virtually an impossible task for most caregivers, this distressed Ingrid terribly. 
In 1987, Ingrid’s nephew sent a brochure showing a product he was selling in Europe.  It was a mattress overlay designed for the prevention and treatment of bed sores. Ingrid was encouraged and immediately began studying the European clinical trials that promised healing results. The desire to end the suffering of her patients in the US motivated Ingrid to fly to Germany where she met the German manufacturer and main engineer, Dr. Med Volkner.  While there, she spent time at German hospitals, meeting with doctors, nurses and patients where the mattress was being used successfully.  Not only was the product promising, Ingrid felt it was the answer to efficiently treating bed sores and improving the quality of life for patients and caregivers alike.   
Upon her return to the Walnut Creek, Ingrid and James Consolidated was granted the exclusive right to import and market the Volkner Turning System in the USA.  Over a period of time, Ingrid worked closely with Dr. Volkner and his engineering team, to improve the overlay design for the mattress.
For this work, Ingrid received two US patents.  After eight years, James Consolidated, Inc., became the sole manufacturer of the system in California with worldwide distribution rights. And, in 2012, California Congressman John Garamendi presented Ingrid and James Consolidated with a beautiful plaque from the US Department of Commerce for the company’s contribution to the USA Export Drive in the Global Marketplace.
Ingrid James was the driving force behind the Volkner Turning System and its manufacturing and distribution success in the US.  Her tenacity and gumption are what propelled the System through every obstacle and trial. 
 To this day, well past retirement age, Ingrid continues as the active President and CEO of James Consolidated, Incorporated in Walnut Creek, where she continues to be a voice for the disabled, paraplegic and quadraplegic patients, their caregivers and families. 


Congratulations 2012 UXL Award Recipients
Three Local Citizens, Business Recognized for Excellence
This year's honorees, recognized on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, are Educator of the Year Peggy Shelby, Foothill Middle School; Citizen of the Year Janet Abrams, Community Volunteer; Business Person of the Year, Ron Brown, Executive Director, Save Mount Diablo.
The Educator or the Year award honors the person who has made significant personal and professional contributions to the overall well being of youth by establishing high academic and personal standards for students and developing strategies to help ensure their successes. This year's recipient, Peggy Shelby, represents Mt. Diablo School District's Foot Hill Middle School.
Peggy holds an A.A. degree in Fashion Design, B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Home Economics, M.S. in Clinical Counseling, a License in Marriage and Family Counseling, plus a teaching credential in psychology, health science and physical education. She has taught at Woodside Elementary School, Northgate High School and Glenbrook Middle School.
Prior to teaching, she worked with developmentally disabled adults providing counseling and teaching independent living skills. She also worked as a counselor in private practice with adults. 
Today, you’ll find Peggy at Foothill Middle School, where she teaches Physical Education, Leadership, Communications, and Conflict Management. She also heads up a self awareness class called “On Your Own”. According to Principal April Bush, Peggy’s teaching has guided students not only to learn to believe in their own academic success, but has taught them life long skills like respect, self-reliance and responsibility for themselves and others. How does she do this? 
Peggy introduces students to community service through projects such as volunteering at Loaves and Fishes, building bears for nursing homes and participating in fundraising for breast cancer causes.
In addition, Peggy organizes activities and assemblies for the students that reflect the needs and interests of our community. These activities are varied. They include helping her leadership students address tolerance and harassment among their peers. It’s been a field trip to wave to veterans as they make their way to the top of Mount Diablo to celebrate Veterans Day. It’s inviting a survivor of the Holocaust to speak to the students. It’s inviting kids to showcase their talents.

Peggy Shelby has indeed made significant contributions to the youth of Walnut Creek. According to Principal Bush, she exemplifies the spirit of teaching. She serves as a citizenship role model that inspires students and also staff to give back their community through active, personal involvement. 
As for Peggy, she tells us that her favorite part about teaching is watching students grasp the information, get excited about what they are learning, and practice what they learn in their personal lives.  
Thank you Principal Bush for nominating Peggy.


The Citizen of the Year Award recognizes theividual who has significantly contributed to the Walnut Creek community through volunteer service, civic or Chamber involvement.  Displaying leadership and integrity, this individual will have demonstrated a history of commitment to “giving back”. 
This year’s recipient is Janet Abrams. Janet, husband Charlie and their three sons came to Walnut Creek in the late 1970s. Immediately, Janet set to work volunteering at her boys’ schools and with their after-school sports activities. That included band boosters, youth soccer and little league where she became known as the Snack Shack Queen.  And, when it comes to soccer, Janet is a legend among local soccer circles. For 19 years, she served on the board of the Walnut Creek Soccer Club. And, for nearly all those years she managed field issues and game scheduling for the club’s nearly 200 teams. Think about it …with no computerized scheduling systems in place back then, this was a monumental job!


In 1991, Janet was appointed to the Park, Recreation and Open Space Commission, serving 6 years, including one year as chair. During her tenure, the City brought new facilities on-line including Arbolado Park and Walden Park and installed new playground equipment at Civic Park.


And, about ten years ago, Janet was one of five community leaders who led the effort to build the new Castle Rock Fields with its two baseball and three soccer fields.


Janet was one of the founding members of the Walnut Creek Library Foundation, a group that came together to support local libraries and to advocate for a new library in downtown Walnut Creek. She has served continuously on the WCLF board since 1988, often in the role of secretary. When it comes to all things Library, she is and continues to be a busy worker bee, rolling up her sleeves whenever asked to coordinate logistics and other details for library events … events like the Library’s closing called Thanks for the Memories, Libraryfest and Savor the Summer. Then there was the exciting Opening Day of the New Library, and today, the successful annual fundraiser, Authors Under the Stars.


And then there’s her behind-the-scenes career in politics. In 1994, Janet chaired Kathy Hicks’ successful election campaign for the Walnut Creek City Council. She worked on the 2006 and 2010 campaign committees for Councilmember Cindy Silva. And Janet also worked on the campaign committee for her husband Charlie Abrams.


And that’s not all …past affiliations include board membership and past presidency of the Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging, and the Action for Beauty Council. And, when an out-of-town mall developer threatened the community, Janet orchestrated the neighborhood walk effort in the Northgate area.


Currently, Janet is a member of the Community Service Day Organizing Committee, and a charter member of the Chamber’s East Bay Women’s Conference Committee.

Nominating Janet is Cindy Silva who said, "You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has give more to Walnut Creek than Janet. And, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who is more humble or unassuming about her contributions."


The Business or Business Person of the Year is awarded to a Chamber business or business person with a major and stable presence in the community and who demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit and skill.  The recipient exemplifies excellent corporate citizenship by contributing time and effort to its community and embraces a corporate culture that enhances the lives of its employees. This year’s recipient was recognized at the annual Contra Costa Council Small Business Person of the Year Award luncheon on Friday, May 4 at the Concord Hilton.

This year’s recipient is Ron Brown, Executive Director of Save Mount Diablo. Ron has been a resident of Walnut Creek since 1974. He holds a Masters Degree in Management of Non-Profit Organizations and a Bachelor’s in Recreation and Leisure Studies.

He started as the Executive Director of the Contra Costa Jewish Community Center, where he was instrumental in developing a full-service community center in Walnut Creek. In 1989, he was named Executive Director of the Diabetic Youth Foundation where he started new programs and fundraising efforts to successfully revive a struggling organization.

Eleven years later, Ron took the administrative helm of Save Mount Diablo.  And, make no mistake about it … Save Mount Diablo is a business and as Executive Director,  Ron’s job is a big one that responds to land use proposals, restores habitats, provides recreational opportunities and educates the public. In fact, Save Mount Diablo includes more than 7000 supporters and encompasses the area around the mountain from San Ramon to Livermore to Brentwood to Concord and Walnut Creek.

Ron’s accomplishments during his tenure with SMD:

· Preserved lands have increased from under 7,000 acres to more than 100,000 acres.

· Fundraising has more than tripled.

· The funding base has been diversified, ensuring Save Mount Diablo’s financial sustainability for the future.

· New programs were designed to expand volunteer opportunities and build bridges to diverse and previously often conflicting stakeholders and interest groups.


Under Ron’s management:

· The Save Mount Diablo staff has expanded from 3 to 12 positions.

· The staff has been mentored to enhance their skills and effectiveness, and encouraged to expand into leadership positions, AND

· Through example, the staff has been encouraged to participate in community volunteerism.


As for Ron’s community involvement, his commitment has been highly visible and exemplary. Here are but a few of his activities.  He serves on:

· Advisory Board of California State University East Bay

· Board of Directors Contra Costa Council

· Board Member of Camps in Common, which operates the City of Oakland’s Feather River Camp for family and children.

· Board of Directors of Compass Point, an organization that provides programs to help non-profits be more effective.

· Board of the Bay Area Open Space Council, a 9-county group of agency and non-profit land protection entities

· Member of the Regional Stakeholders Group working the reuse of the concord Naval Weapons Station


Ron is an active member of the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau. Ron has served on the Board of Directors as well as twice chairing the Civic Affairs Committee. He is an annual volunteer at the Art & Wine Festival and a graduate of Leadership Contra Costa.

According to one of his supporters, Linda Best, President & CEO of the Contra Costa Council, “Ron recognizes the importance of a strong and diverse economy and works closely with the business community to achieve goals that benefit all residents.”

Congratulations 2011 UXL Award Recipients
Three Local Citizens, Businesses Recognized for Excellence
This year's honorees, recognized on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, are Educator of the Year Rita Zigas-Brown, Walnut Creek Intermediate; Citizen of the Year Bryan Welden, Community Volunteer; Business Person of the Year, Bonnie Waters, Owner, Changes Salon & Day Spa.
The Educator or the Year award honors the person who has made significant personal and professional contributions to the overall well being of youth by establishing high academic and personal standards for students and developing strategies to help ensure their successes. This year's recipient is Rita Zigas-Brown, Director of the Instrumental Music at Walnut Creek Intermediate School - a position she has held since 2007. Prior to this, Rita served as Fulbright Exchange Teacher in Islington, London, and worked with the Novato Unified School District and the San Francisco Unified School District. She is a graduate of Santa Rosa Junior College and San Francisco State University. Rita is also an accomplished musician who played clarinet, saxophone and base clarinet with a variety of Bay Area groups such as the Marin Civic Light Opera, Napa Valley Symphony and the Redwood City Symphony. She also played with the Aspen Music Festival Opera and was an orchestra member for the New York Harlem Ensemble's European tour. In her role at Walnut Creek Intermediate School, Rita teaches Jazz Band to grades 6 - 8. She also teaches the 6th grade Squire Band; 7th grade Concert Band; 8th grade Symphonic Band; 6 - 8 grade Cadet Band; the 6 - 8 grade String Ensemble. [pictured left-right: Deborah Nordstrom, Ritz Zigas-Brown]
The Citizen of the Year award recognizes the individual who has significantly contributed to the Walnut Creek Community through volunteer service, civic or Chamber involvement. Displaying leadership and integrity, this individual will have demonstrated a history of commitment to "giving back". This year's recipient is Bryan Welden. Bryan is the owner of Bryan Welden Painting in Walnut Creek - a business he started more than 34 years ago. Bryan is also a tireless volunteer. When his kids were playing baseball and Marauder football, it was Bryan who groomed the fields, painted the clubhouse and helped out in practices. But after 911, Bryan's focus shifted. In 2002, he joined the Lafayette Flag Brigade, presenting numerous Remembrance and Tribute events to honor the heroic efforts of firefighters, police men and women and other first responders throughout our community --- all requiring hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes preparation. In 2003, Bryan began organizing Welcome Home Ceremonies in the East Bay to recognize our local military servicemen and women returning home after deployment or in preparation of their tours. For each ceremony, Bryan brings together musicians, veteran groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, Patriot Guard Riders, national, state and city officials, Blue Star Moms, Marine Moms and many others. At each and every ceremony, an American flag is formally presented to each honoree. These are the flags collected from military headquarters around the U.S. in addition to foreign locations like South Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has organized and performed more than 250 ceremonies. Ad, for our returning injured veterans, Bryan conducts community drives to provide household necessities. He makes sure that the homes they return to are painted and equipped with the quality electronics and other necessities they will need to help them in transitioning to their new post-trauma lives. [pictured left-right: Marcie Hochhauser, Bryan Welden, Deborah Nordstrom]
The Business or Business Person of the Year is awarded to a Chamber business or business owner with a major and stable presence in the community and who demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit and skill. The recipient exemplifies excellent corporate citizenship by contributing time and effort to its community and embraces a corporate culture that enhances the lives of its employees. This year's recipient will be recognized at the annual Contra Costa Council Small Business Person of the Year award luncheon on Friday, May 6 at the Concord Hilton. This year's recipient is Bonnie Waters, owner of Changes Salon & Day Spa in downtown Walnut Creek and a long-time Chamber member. After graduating beauty school at the ripe-old age of 17, Bonnie opened the door of her first business --- a small nail salon in downtown Walnut Creek. After eight years in this location, Bonnie worked-up the nerve to open a 1,000 square-foot, full-service salon called Changes Salon & Day Spa. It was in 1996 that Bonnie added 6500 more square feet dedicated to the spa. Today, Changes Salon & Day Spa occupies the entire ground floor of the building she started in. And not just a beauty business, Changes is a beautiful one, indeed. Visitors to the Salon & Spa marvel at the design and unique amenities, the superb customer service and staff professionalism that soon turn them into regular clients. The ambiance and quality of Changes speaks Bonnie Waters. In 2008, Bonnie Waters was named West Coast Salon Entrepreneur of the Year by the Global Salon Business Awards --- a very prestigious honor. In 2009, Changes Salon & Day Spa was named the Woman-Owned Business of the Year by the Women's Initiative for Self Employment. The group lauded Bonnie's entrepreneurism and recognized her leadership and positive contributions to the community. In addition to donating to more than fifty non-profit organizations every year, Changes conducts a monthly program called "Deserves Changes" that invites community nominations to recognize talented women who give back to their community. It is but one example of Bonnie's entrepreneurial talent and spirit. One that also demonstrates her strong commitment and dedication to helping female business professionals and women at large. [pictured left-right: Marcie Hochhauser, Bonnie Waters, Deborah Nordstrom]

Congratulations 2010 UXL Award Recipients
Five Local Citizens, Businesses Recognized for Excellence
The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce announced the recipients of its 2010 UXL Awards, which recognized five local individuals and enterprises for their business excellence and contributions to the community.
This year's honorees are Small Business Person of the Year Rocco Biale, Owner, Rocco's Ristorante & Pizzeria; Citizen of the Year Richard D. Dubey, Jr., Community Volunteer; Educator of the Year Deborah Walker, Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary; Innovator of the Year DOE Joint Genome Institute; and Business of the Year Diablo Auto Specialists, Owner, Time Stussi.
The five deserving recipients were honored at the Chamber's Installation Luncheon, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, at Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar in Walnut Creek. "These honorees exemplify excellence within our community," said Leslie Dawson, outgoing Walnut Creek Chamber Chairman of the Board. "We congratulate them for these awards, but more importantly, for their accomplishments and dedication to the community."
Rocco Biale is the owner of Rocco's Ristorante & Pizzeria, a family owned and operated restaurant in Walnut Creek. The restaurant business is in Rocco's blood as his father and uncle went into the bar and restaurant business in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Honolulu; is is there that he learned the importance of being a hands-on owner. In the fall of 1999, he opened his restaurant where he has tried to maintain that same warm and inviting feeling his father and uncle provided for so many years. Rocco's Ristorante and Pizzeria was voted for having the best pizza in the East Bay by the Contra Costa Times Reader's Poll. [pictured left-right: Leslie Dawson, Rocco Biale]
Richard D. Dubey, Jr. is the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer training coordinator for the City of Walnut Creek. He serves as an area coordinator for the neighborhood where he lives and assumed the role of CERT training coordinator for the City in January 2009. He served 27 years in the United States Army and the Army Reserve. He served primarily as an instructor/trainer in the basic combat training divisions and retired as a Command Sergeant Major with the U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeants' Academy.Dick is now semi-retired and is serving as the company's field engineer and consultant for computer controlled injection sprayers and waste water treatment plants. Dick served on the Board for the Pesticide Applicator's Professional Association for 18 years, and was awarded a life membership. He is also a member of the Northern California Landscape Council's Board of Directors and was president in 2000/2001. [pictured left-right:Carol Dubey, Dick Dubey, Gayle Vassar]
Deborah Walker, Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary School, started teaching science at Buena Vista 13 years ago and is a member of the National Association of Science Teachers and California State Employees Association. Her passion is environmental studies - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. [pictured left-right: Leslie Dawson, Deborah Walker]
DOE Joint Genome Institute, The U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, supported by the DOE Office of Science, unites the expertise of five national laboratories - Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge and Pacific Northwest - along with the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology to advance genomics is support of the DOE missions related to clean energy generation and environmental characterization and cleanup. The Joint Genome Institute is operated by the University of California for the U.S. Department of Energy. David E. Gilbert, Public Affairs Manager, accepted the award on behalf of the DOE JGI. [pictured left-right: Leslie Dawson, David Gilbert]
Diablo Auto Specialists is a thriving Walnut Creek repair and maintenance shop servicing domestic and imports with a specialty in Japanese-made vehicles. Under the leadership of owner Tim Stussi, who has 33 years experience in the automotive industry, Diablo Auto Specialists is a model for business excellence, focusing on offering customers positive experiences by providing excellent quality work and by being honest, accessible, and upfront at every stage. [pictured left-right: Leslie Dawson, Tim Stussi]

Congratulations 2009 UXL Award Recipients
Five Local Citizens, Businesses Recognized for Excellence
This 2009 honorees are Small Business Person of the Year Francene Anderson, Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay; Citizen of the Year June Krug, Community Volunteer; Educator of the Year Patrick (Pat) Lickiss, Principal, Las Lomas High School; Innovator of the Year Contra Costa Centre Association; and Business of the Year Sports Basement, General Manager, Wayne Spaulding.
Francene Anderson, Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay, has earned the use of 14 Career Cars from Mary Kay, most of those being the famed pink Cadillac. Her organization of more than 250 women and men sold more than $900,000 in retail sales in 2008. Francene joined the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce in 1987, where she served as a member of the Board of Directors and currently chairs the popular East Bay Women's Conference Committee. [pictured left-right: Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, Francene Anderson, Sanjiv Bhandari, Past Chairman, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce]
June Krug, an educator, coach, administrator, and mentor for more than 45 years, has served on the boards of several arts organizations. She has actively supported the Chamber's Education Committee and East Bay Women's Conference, as well as the Bedford Gallery Guild, Youth Homes, the American Legions, and men's and women's professional golfing tournaments. [pictured left-right: Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, June Krug, Sanjiv Bhandari, Past Chairman, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce]
Patrick (Pat) Lickiss, Principal, Las Lomas High School, has been an educator in the Acalanes Union High School district for 36 years. Pat and his staff, parent volunteers, and community have set high standards for education and have partnered with great success to make Las Lomas a California Distinguished High School in 2003 and 2007. In 2008, Las Lomas was named a National Blue Ribbon School one of only 11 high schools in California to be recognized for this national award of excellence. [pictured left-right: Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, Pat Lickiss, Sanjiv Bhandari, Past Chairman, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce]
Contra Costa Centre Association has developed a vibrant, well-planned, mixed-use community around the Pleasant Hill BART station that has become a nationwide example of the promise of transit- and pedestrian-oriented development. The Association partnered with the County, BART, and major bus transit systems to create a mixed-use neighborhood of housing, jobs, transportation, shopping, dinning, civic and green space uses. Susan Member accepted the award on behalf of Contra Costa Centre Association. [pictured left-right: Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, Susan Meyer, Sanjiv Bhandari, Past Chairman, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce]
Sports Basement, located in Ygnacio Valley Plaza, across from Heather Farm Park, believes in "Couches Before Profits." Its robust community outreach efforts support schools, non-profits, and clubs of all types. Word of mouth advertising empowers Sports Basement to support fundraising campaigns and dedicate areas in the store for free meeting space and parties, or to just hang out and relax. Wayne Spaulding accepted the award on behalf of Sports Basement. [pictured left-right: Assemblymember Joan Buchanan, Wayne Spaulding, Sanjiv Bhandari, Past Chairman, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce]
A special thank you to the UXL Award Committee Members:
Deborah Nordstrom, UXL Chair; Manager, Partnership Marketing Manager, Bay Area News Group
Angela De La Housaye, De La Housaye & Associates, ALC
Paula Costa, Galavents of California
Marcie Hochhauser, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau