East Bay Women's Conference

The mission of the East Bay Women's Conference is to provide women an opportunity to come together and participate in a program of personal and professional enrichment, development and networking activities, and provide the tools they need on their journey to their personal best as individuals, team members and leaders in family, community, political and business arenas. This event was established in 2006 and is consistently a sell-out. Reservations are required. To find out more information, click here.


Here's what people are saying about the East Bay Women's Conference

"Congratulations to everyone involved in the creation and production of the 2015 East Bay Women's Conference—your 10 year! I have attended every EBWC since the first conference in March 2006, and I can say without reservation that this was the most enjoyable and inspirational event yet—and that's saying a lot because you have set the bar so very high. Ten years of exceptional keynote and featured speakers with scores of wide ranging breakout session topics and presenters have shaped your reputation for delivering an impressive and powerful conference, driving sold-out attendance every year. I've had the honor of experiencing the EBWC from the inside as a member of the conference committee for several years—I know intimately how much effort goes into putting on what appears to be a seamless conference. And now, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the conference from the outside, as an attendee with little firsthand knowledge of what was in store for me and the other 560+ women. I was delighted to spend the time with everyone, squeezing as much as possible into that very full day. The EBWC continues to be relevant and at the forefront—and maybe that’s the greatest compliment I can give you: You are relevant in an increasingly noisy world. On behalf of the many, many women with whom I talked and socialized and shared that day, I thank you! See you in 2016!"

Linda Rimac Colberg
Writer, Editor, Writing Coach
Marketing Communications & Public Relations
Colberg & Company, Inc.